Terms & Conditions of Use

The «HELLENIC INDUSTRY OF PAINTS & VARNISHES B. NIKOLOGIANNIS & G. TSIMPOUKIS CHROTEX S.A. » (hereafter Chrotex), through its website www.chrotex.gr (hereafter website) offers information and services to its visitors and users. The access and use of the website is subject to the present «Terms & Conditions of Use», which users must unconditionally accept and conform to.

Chrotex may modify these terms and conditions of use, without notice and at any time. Any changes made will be indicated on the homepage of the website. By continuing to use this site after the date of effect of any changes, signifies the users’ acceptance of such changes.   

1. DISCLAIMER OF RESPONSIBILITY                                  

1.1. Chrotex is not responsible for any legal or other action that is based, directly or indirectly, on information contained on this website, regardless of whether it is provided by Chrotex or a third party.

1.2. Chrotex does not guarantee that the content of this website will be current, secure, error-free, will meet its users’ demands and makes no representation regarding the accuracy, reliability and correctness of the results which will emerge from the use of this website.

1.3. As a result of ongoing developments, the information contained in this website may not always be up to date and for this reason be marked “as is” or “as available”. The use of the information received or saved by or via this website lies solely on the judgment and responsibility of the user. The user accepts that he/she is solely responsible for evaluating the content of this website and any risk that may be induced to him/her or a third party by the use of its contents. The user accepts that Chrotex assumes no responsibility nor provides any kind of guarantees in this regard.

1.4 The information provided on this website is free of charge and for informational purposes only and does not create a business or professional services relationship between the user and Chrotex.


2.1. The copyrights of the content of this website, including, without limitation, documents, files, texts, images, graphics and attachments included in it, as well as the website’s general depiction, are industrial and intellectual property of Chrotex unless otherwise stated, and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and international law.

2.2. All product names appearing on this website are trademarks of Chrotex, except for those marked as belonging to third parties.

Under no circumstances shall the contents of this website be construed as conferring by implication, any license or right to any copyright, patent, trademark or other rights of Chrotex.

2.3. Chrotex provides limited permission to the user to copy/print abstracts or documents from the website (except for contents owned by a third party or marked as such) for personal, non-commercial use, provided that he/she does not modify any information and maintains all copyrights, trademarks and other ownership releases.

All logos and trademarks of Chrotex may not be used or reproduced without the prior written consent of Chrotex.

2.4. Unless otherwise stated, it is prohibited to copy the contents or part of the contents of this website, in any form, for commercial purposes, or modify, reproduce or incorporate it into other websites. Links of this website may not be included in other websites without the prior written consent of Chrotex.


All information provided by the users of this website to Chrotex (including, but not exclusively, personal data, know-how, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, abstracts or other relevant data) is not considered confidential and is for public use. The user represents that he/she has the lawful right to submit such information.

 The users accessing this website are personally liable for compliance with the law.

Chrotex may disclose, copy and use some or all of such information, for any purpose without limitation, even for the development, manufacturing and promotion of its products. Also, the provision of such information by the user to Chrotex is free of charge and no compensation or remuneration may be claimed by the user.


4.1. This website may contain information (i.e. articles, data or abstracts) that is owned by third parties, or links that lead to websites owned by third parties. Chrotex has no responsibility (civil or penal) for the safety, legality or reliability of the contents and services of these websites.

4.2 Chrotex does not guarantee that the users of this website have the right to use the contents owned by third parties and are available on this website. The user must obtain permission from the third party in order to use such contents.  

4.3 Chrotex provides links merely for the convenience of its website users and has no control over the content of websites owned by third parties and accepts no responsibility for such websites or their content. Links to other websites or services does not imply an endorsement.


The use of software downloaded from this website to the personal computer of the user is subject exclusively to the judgement and evaluation of possible risks by the user. The user must ensure that the software downloaded is compatible with his personal computer and does not contain any viruses, otherwise take the necessary provision to deal with them.


Chrotex reserves the right to change or withdraw any part the whole website at any time without prior notice. Any changes made will be in effect the next time the user visits the website. The user is not entitled to any compensation for not being able of use the services offered by this website.


Questions are sent via email to the following email address: info@chrotex.gr.


Chrotex takes important consideration of the safety of the personal information provided by the users of its website and ensures the confidentiality of this information.

The confidentiality policy defines the principles that regulate the use of personal information received. Whoever uses this website or registers as a user of the services provided by Chrotex shall agree with this use.

The user should carefully read the confidentiality policy and if he/she disagrees with it, he/she should not use the website.

 The confidentiality policy of this website may change. Any changes will be posted on the home page of this website. The user should regularly review the confidentiality policy in order to be aware of any changes. The continued use of this website following the changes will mean unconditional acceptance of the terms by the user.


8.1.1.  General Information: Information on monitoring the use of the website is gathered jointly with third parties. During this process, recognizable personal information is NOT gathered. As a rule, the information gathered concerns the number of visitors and the original domain name of the Internet service provider. This information is used to understand the visitors’ use of the website and may be shared with third parties.

8.1.2. Personal Information: The user fills up an online registration form in case he/she wants to have access to specific website content (e.g receiving updates via email). The user’s personal information such as name, email address, country of residence and other information are voluntarily submitted as part of the registration process. The user may request a modification of this information at any time via email at info@chrotex.gr.


 At times, information about the products or services of Chrotex and its business partners is sent via email or regular mail. If the user does not wish to receive such information, he/she may notify us via email to the following  email address: info@chrotex.gr.


Users’ personal information is stored on a secure server, protected by password and firewall. Chrotex has security policies in order to ensure, as far as possible, the safety and integrity of all information, including personal information.


Chrotex may keep records and process personal information provided by users through its website. Chrotex does not disclose or publish users’ personal information.

For the promotion, support and implementation of Chrotex’s objectives and for the improvement of its relationship with its users, third parties, Chrotex’s collaborators may be aware of these records.

Data collected through the website is transferred, stored and processed by current technical means. Chrotex retains personal information for as long as is necessary or for the time period provided for by the law.

Users retain the rights of Law Ν.2472/97. Users are entitled to request access to their personal information which Chrotex has available, and request correction of any errors, free of charge.


Cookies are files sent from a website’s underlying software and are stored on the hard disk of the user’s computer.  Sometimes cookies are created and transferred the first time the user registers on the website and then used to specify the computer and the repeated access to the website without requiring a connection, thus accelerating the access to the website and the information the user wishes to see.  Most web browsers accept cookies. However, if the user wishes, the browser settings may be changed in order to not allow the transfer.


The website is directed to adults, like investors or individuals seeking information about Chrotex. Chrotex’s website does not gather nor intends to gather any information from or about children.


Chrotex may use the information it gathers and/or receives in order to avoid illegal activity or activities that pose danger to the operation of the website.


Chrotex wishes to communication with its users or visitors via email at the following email address info@Chotex.gr.


9.1 Your capacity as a user of this website is personal and thus cannot be shared with another individual. If the user has been provided with a username, and/or access code, he/she agrees to keep this data secure and to notify Chrotex immediately in case of an unauthorized disclosure or use of his/her personal user name and/or access code. The user is solely responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused by this unauthorized use or disclosure.

9.2 The user agrees to use the website in accordance with the current Terms and Conditions of Use. An unauthorized use of the website by the user may result in loss or damage of a third party and as a consequence lead to legal action against Chrotex. In such case, the user shall be bound to compensate Chrotex for any positive or negative damage that may arise.

9.3 The user is responsible for the provision of all the necessary equipment needed to access the website and all charges of third parties (i.e. telephone charges and Internet service provider charges).

9.4 The user undertakes :

9.4.1 to use the website according to the instructions given to him/her by Chrotex from time to time and according to the current Terms & Conditions of Use or as otherwise stated in publications or announcements of Chrotex.

9.4.2 to not act, during the use of the website, voluntarily or involuntarily, contrary to the law.

9.4.3 to not use the website in order to attempt unauthorized access to Chrotex’s system or third parties.

9.4.4 to not use the website to conduct business or other activity or activities prohibited by the law.

9.4.5 to not use the website in order to transmit any material that is compromising, offensive or threatening or violates third parties’ rights or intends to provoke disruption, harassment or concern to third parties. Also, to not send messages that he/she knows are false or use this website for such purposes.

9.4.6 to directly inform Chrotex regarding any claim or action against him/her which resulted from the use of the website and following a request by Chrotex, immediately cease the action for which the charge was made.

9.4.7 to directly inform Chrotex for any changes regarding registration data. It is solely the obligation of the user to ensure that his/her information is kept up to date.


10.1 If any of the above terms is for any reason not applicable, this shall not affect the validity and applicability of the remaining terms.

10.2 The Terms & Conditions of Use represent the overall agreement between every user and Chrotex and govern the access and use of the website. These terms prevail against any other written agreement between the user and Chrotex in relation the use of the website.

These Terms & Conditions of Use are exclusively governed by Greek law and any disputes relating to these Terms & Conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of Greek courts.

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background-color: #e31e25; } .block-product-info .owl-prev:hover, .block-product-info .owl-next:hover { color: #e31e25; } .block-product-tabs .head .active { color: #e31e25; } .block-product-tabs .head .active:before { border-top-color: #e31e25; } .block-shopping-cart th { border-top-color: #e31e25; color: #e31e25; } .block-shopping-cart .price { color: #e31e25; } .block-shopping-cart .remove { border-color: #e31e25; background-color: #e31e25; } .block-shopping-cart .remove:hover { color: #e31e25; } .block-shopping-cart .quantity a { color: #e31e25; } .block-shopping-cart .empty td { border-bottom-color: #e31e25; } .block-shopping-cart-totals dd { color: #e31e25; } .block-shopping-cart-totals .button-alt { color: #e31e25; } .block-checkout-order td:last-child { color: #e31e25; } .block-checkout-payment label { color: #e31e25; } .block-welcome .icons i:after { border-color: #e31e25; background: #e31e25; } .block-welcome .icons a:hover i { color: #e31e25; } .block-pasteboard:before { background: #e31e25; } .block-pasteboard .icons a:hover { color: #e31e25; } .block-map-3 .block-head { color: #e31e25; } .block-contacts ul li:after, .block-contacts ul li:before { border-color: #e31e25; background-color: #e31e25; } .block-contacts ul li:before { background-color: #fff; } .block-contacts ul li span { border-bottom-color: #e31e25; } .block-contacts ul .active { color: #e31e25; } .block-contacts ul .active:before { background-color: #e31e25; } .block-contacts ol { border-top-color: #e31e25; } .block-contacts ol li { color: #e31e25; } .block-contacts ol li i:after { background-color: #e31e25; } .block-feedback .message i, .block-feedback-2 .message i { color: #e31e25; } .block-not-found h3 { color: #e31e25; } .block-not-found .pic:before { background-color: #e31e25; } .block-not-found .pic div:before { background-color: #e31e25; } .block-not-found-2 .button { color: #e31e25; } .block-not-found-2 .button:hover { background: #e31e25; } .block-coming-soon li:before { background-color: #e31e25; } .block-coming-soon-2 li:after { background-color: #e31e25; } .widget-categories a:hover, .widget-categories a.active { color: #e31e25; } .widget-top-posts a:hover { color: #e31e25; } .widget-text hr { border-top-color: #e31e25; } .widget-text em { color: #e31e25; } .widget-archive a:hover, .widget-archive a.active { color: #e31e25; } .widget-tags a:hover { color: #e31e25; } .widget-categories-filter a:hover { color: #e31e25; } .widget-categories-filter .active { color: #e31e25; } .widget-categories-filter .active span { background-color: #e31e25; } .widget-price-filter .ui-slider-range { background-color: #e31e25; } .widget-price-filter .ui-slider-handle { background-color: #e31e25; } .widget-color-filter .active:before { border-color: #e31e25; } .widget-top-products .pic i { background-color: #e31e25; } .main-nav ul { background-color: #e31e25; }